Break through plateaus with the FST7 Progressive Overload Plan

Durchbrechen Sie Plateaus mit dem FST7 Progressive Overload Plan - MRM-BODY

Hany Rambod's revolutionary FST-7 training app now harnesses the power of progressive overload to help bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts build lean muscle mass. This new FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan incorporates the same principles he uses with his professional athletes to not only help them break through plateaus in their training, but also achieve an Olympic-ready physique.

In this article, we'll dive deeper and explain how progressive overload works and how Rambod strategically applies it in his FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan, found in his training app, to drive muscle growth, break through plateaus, and achieve noticeable strength gains to experience.

Disclaimer: It is recommended that you speak to your doctor before beginning any exercise program to ensure that you are healthy enough to do so and have no limitations.


What is Progressive Overload?

Progressive overload is a key training principle in which the load on the muscles is gradually increased over time. This additional stress forces the muscles to adapt and become bigger and stronger.

There are several ways to progressively overload the muscles:

Lift heavier weights
More reps per set
Reducing rest between sets
Increasing volume by adding more sets
The most important thing is to keep challenging your muscles in new ways so they can't adapt. You want to expose the muscle fibers to something they've never experienced before so they can be broken down, repaired and rebuilt to become bigger and stronger again.

This constant challenge as you progress through the FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan helps stimulate continued growth and gives you a roadmap to push yourself harder in your workouts every time you step into the gym.


Why is the FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan the Key to Building Muscle?

Progressive overload is essential for building muscle because the body quickly adapts to any training stimulus. Do you feel like you're no longer seeing progress in your efforts in the gym? If so, it could be because not only are you not having a plan every time you head to the gym, but you're also just repeating the moves instead of trying harder than you did the last time.

If you lift the same weights, perform the same reps, and take the same rest periods every workout, your muscles will no longer be challenged. Growth will stagnate and frustration will be the only thing you build. Do not let that happen.

By progressively overloading your muscles using the FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan strategically put together by Hany, you force your muscle fibers to adapt to new levels of stress and stimuli. This adaptation drives hypertrophy (muscle growth) - and that's what you want. They essentially place a constant demand on the muscles to become bigger and stronger.

The FST-7 Progressive Overload Plan also provides variety, which counteracts plateaus. Alternating loads prevent adaptation and ensure that the muscles react optimally.



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