What is Evogen?

We want to give you a closer look at the Evogen brand here.

Outside the US, the brand is known only to professional athletes.

We are the official distributor of Evogen Nutrition in Germany.

The CEO and founder Hany Rambod, 24X Olympic Champion Coach, the Pro Creator® has a very clear philosophy when it comes to supplements.

Maximize the pump - maximize growth.


The customers ( Chris Bumstead aka CBUM, Jay Cuttler, Ronnie Coleman, Jeremy Buendia, Hady Choopan, Phill Heat, Andrei Deiu, Derek Lunsford, Cyd Gillon and many more) by The Pro Creator, ”Hany Rambod, don't train for top ten finishes, just as you don't train for mediocre results. They train to win and they want a quality brand they can trust to provide the best fuel for their engine.

His track record of building extreme physiques is legendary, as are the cartoonish "3D" pop-up images that spring to mind when you think of the champions he trained.

Now Evogen gives you the same tools to build your own 3D physique and take your training to a level you never thought possible.



All Evogen supplements are in their purest form. (Fermented form, FUSIL, an even stronger leucine and one of the most important amino acids and much more.)


Here is an example to BCAA:


The Natural series is Free from synthetic Color and sweeteners!       




Only the best raw materials are used.


Evogen Nutrition