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Crea-Z Creatine Anhydrate

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Crea-Z Creatine Anhydrate


  • The purest creatine on the market
  • 30% stronger than all Creatine Monohydrate
  • 100% creatine for 100% effect
  • Extremely fine powder thanks to micronization
  • German, study-based branded raw material
  • Sugar-free and vegan through plant-based sources
  • 100 portions per can
  • Pharmaceutical quality
  • Produced in Germany under controlled quality standards


Crea-Z Creatine Anhydrate is 30% stronger than all creatine monohydrates and is 100% creatine. With its micronized structure, it is an extremely fine powder that offers pharmaceutical quality. Experience the purest creatine on the market. Enjoy the strength, speed and endurance that the highest quality creatine provides! MRM-BODY CREA-Z Anhydrate - Your way to greater strength and satisfaction! Supercharge your workouts!

From now on we offer you the purest creatine on the market, with the German branded raw material CREA-Z, an anhydrous creatine anhydrate, which consists of 100% creatine and is therefore around 30% more potent than Creatine Monohydrate. This is how you protect your wallet and demonstrably strengthen your muscle strength. Of course we also offer you our micronized premium quality for ultra fine powder with this creatine product.


What is CRAZ? The patented CREAZ stands for 100% crystal clear anhydrous creatine. It is the best and strongest form available on the market. The "Z" stands for the "Zero Monohydrate" formula, because with CREAZ up to 30% more pure creatine arrives in your muscle cells.


Would you like to read more about how it works? Download the study by Dr. Moritz Schumann at the German Sport University in Cologne. CreaZ study


Made in Germany

Made in Germany
We have our products manufactured in Germany under controlled quality standards, with the latest technology and specialized know-how.

Made in Germany
Pack size: 500 gr
Consumption recommendation 

When is the best time to drink CREA-Z Creatine Anhydrate?

It doesn't matter what time of day you take your creatine dose. However, we recommend a continuous intake every day, even on non-training days. A loading phase or a creatine cure in general is not necessary.
Most athletes consume their creatine in their pre or post workout shake because the unflavored version tastes best that way.

How do I prepare Creatine Anhydrate?

Due to its natural composition, creatine cannot, or only very slowly, dissolve in water. However, our Creatine CREA-Z is so finely micronized that it seems to you that it would dissolve.

IMPORTANT: Since CREA-Z is an anhydrate and therefore consists of 100% pure creatine, you should definitely take 30% less than you are used to from a monohydrate, because this has a creatine content of around 70%. This means if you were taking 5g of Creatine Monohydrate daily, now stir 3,5g of CREA-Z into 300ml of ice cold water and drink.

Better solution in the water: if it is not dissolved well enough for you, then please apply as follows:

1. put in a shaker with water (lukewarm water is best)

2. shake

3. Leave for 10 minutes

4. Shake 

5. drink


Nutritional Information 

Crea-Z Creatine

Nutritional Information
per 100g powder

per 5g powder
(1 serving)

NRV %**
Energy 0kcal / 0kj 0kcal / 0kj 0%
fat 0,00g 0,00g 0%
-hereof: saturated fatty acids 0,00g 0,00g 0%
carbohydrates 0,00g 0,00g 0%
-of which sugars 0,00g 0,00g 0%
protein 0,00g 0,00g 0%
Salt 0,00g 0,00g 0%

*All information is subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.
**Percentage of the recommended reference intake for an average adult (8400kj / 2000kcal) according to EU Regulation No.1169/2011.

Ingredients (Unflavored)
100% Crea-Z Creatine Anhydrate

Keep away from children! The recommended daily intake (5g) must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

traffic denomination
Dietary supplement with creatine.

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