Evogen Brain Builder - MRM-BODY
Evogen Brain Builder - MRM-BODY

Evogen Brain Builder

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Evogen Brain Builder

Evogen Brain Builder is designed to speed up the mind-muscle connection and cognitive tasks of athletes. As you are trying to establish the ultimate connection and reaction time with every movement and muscle contraction, the daily mental fog can get in the way of your efforts.

Brain Builder is specifically designed to clear that fog and allow you to maximize your workouts, games, or daily tasks that get you moving. It's a precise combination of premium, natural, brain-boosting ingredients brought together in an all-in-one formulation to get you in the zone. It's the only nootropic supplement on the market that not only gives you amazing attention and memory skills, but also strengthens neuromuscular connection.

This critical "mind-muscle" bridge can break down due to fatigue and stress. Brain Builder helps strengthen this bridge while putting you in the zone of razor-sharp mental focus.  

Pack size: 90 capsules
Made in USA
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Made in a facility that makes milk, soy and wheat ingredients.


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