EVOGEN EVOVITE - 60 Tabletten
EVOGEN EVOVITE - 60 Tabletten
EVOGEN EVOVITE - 60 Tabletten

EVOGEN EVOVITE - 60 tablets

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Multivitamin Mineral High-dose top class for elite athletes

  • Multivitamin / mineral formula with exceptional ingredient forms

  • With beta-alanine to increase muscle endurance

  • Highly efficient curcumin supplement

Maximale -Regeneration -Support for general health and organs Our goal is to balance the health of the body. to bridge perfection. We strongly believe that Evogen can help EVOVITE achieve this. EVOVITE is much more than just a highly effective multivitamin. It's three supplements in one.

A multivitamin-mineral formula with exceptional ingredients

A clinically validated beta alanine supplement

A technologically superior curcumin supplement

Unfortunately, the reality is that many multivitamin formulations use cheap forms of up to 70 ingredients that are largely unproven. Not so with EVOVITE. Here quality and effect come first. This is why Evogen CEO and Master Trainer, Hany "the Pro Creator" Rambod created this masterful formulation. It is designed not only to support health and fill gaps in daily nutrition, but also to increase performance.

Pack size: 60 tablets
Made in USA
Nutritional values ​​+ recommended consumption


2 tablets daily, preferably 1x for breakfast & 1x for dinner.  

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