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  • Maximizes endurance during training
  • Promotes muscle hydration
  • Prevents the loss of lean tissue


Make every workout your best.

RAW Intra-Workout Gives is an advanced training fuel that helps increase training performance and endurance throughout the training session. Your body's most important need during strenuous exercise is one of the most basic: hydration. Even a small amount of water loss can have a negative impact on your training performance. Research has shown that during high-intensity exercise, a 2 to 3% decrease in body weight results in a significant decrease in performance, a lower number of repetitions during exercise, and a higher rating of perceived exertion. Our premium intra-workout formula combines a range of science-backed ingredients that boost exercise performance and endurance, helping you perform your best in every workout.



The intra-workout formula contains 25 grams of highly branched cluster dextrin, a high-quality carbohydrate source that quickly replenishes the body's energy stores without spiking blood sugar. Additionally, it contains key performance-enhancing ingredients such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, coconut water powder and Himalayan pink salt that support nutrient absorption, muscle hydration and maximum endurance, helping you perform at your best in every workout.


Pack size: 30 servings of powder

Made in USA


Nutritional values ​​& consumption recommendations

further ingredients
Powder - natural and artificial flavors, silicon dioxide. Malic acid, sucralose, citric acid, acesulfame-K.


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