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5% Nutrition - Legendary Series - Kill It Reloaded

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Rich Piana 5% Nutrition - Legendary Series - Kill It Reloaded



  • 367 mg of caffeine per serving to increase stamina and alertness
  • Vitamin B3 to reduce fatigue and support normal energy metabolism
  • Including L-Citrulline, L-Taurine and Sodium Citrate
  • Including N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, L-Norvaline and Rhodiola rosea
  • Premium branded ingredients MagnaPower® and COPMax™


This is the newest, strongest version of a classic and is designed to completely dominate the stimulation-based pre-workout category!

When you go to the gym, you want a pre-workout that gives you everything you need to power through your most intense workouts. Extreme energy, ultra-sharp focus, huge pumps, improved endurance, increased strength and the legendary mind-muscle connection.† 5% Nutrition developed Kill It Reloaded Legendary Series to be your go-to pre-workout for every workout.


STIM LEVELS from 5% Nutrition:
3. 5150
2. Kill It Reloaded
1. Kill It
0. Full As F*ck



Pack size: 30 servings

Made in USA


Nutritional values ​​& consumption recommendations


Recommended dosage:

Take it 30 minutes before training by adding a scoop to 250-500 ml of water.


Contains caffeine (367 mg / serving (20 g)). Not recommended for children, breastfeeding or pregnant women. This product is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place.

nutrition information 1 measuring spoon (20 g)
Vitamin B3 30 mg (188%)*
Coconut water concentrate 100 mg
NO mix 12,75 g
L-citrulline 4000 mg
Glycerin powder 65% (GlycerSize™) 3000 mg
Beta alanine 2000 mg
Taurine 2000 mg
betaines 1000 mg
Inositol-stabilized arginine silicate (Nitrosigine®) 750 mg
Nootropic blend 600,1 mg
Choline bitartrate 500 mg
Choline 200 mg
L-theanine 100 mg
Huperzia serrata extract 100 g
Creatine blend 2500 mg
Creatine anhydrous 2300 mg
Kreatina-monohydrate 100 mg
Creatine pyruvate 100 mg
Stim mix 367 mg
Anhydrous caffeine 267 mg
Caffeine citrate 50 mg
Dicaffeine malate (Infinergy™) 50 mg

*Reference recording


L-citrulline, glycerin powder 65% (GlycerSize™), anhydrous creatine, taurine, beta-alanine, acidulant (citric acid), betaine, inositol-stabilized arginine silicate (Nitrosigine®), flavors, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), choline bitartrate, maltodextrin, sweeteners ( sucralose, acesulfame K), caffeine anhydrous, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, creatine monohydrate, L-theanine, creatine pyruvate, raw coconut water concentrate (Cocos nucifera), dicaffeine malate (Infinergy™) , Caffeine citrate, niacin (Vit. B3), color (brilliant blue FCF), Huperzia serrata extract ( Huperzia serrata (Thunb.) Trevis. )

Allergy Advice

May contain traces of milk, egg, soy, fish, mollusks, nuts, peanuts and wheat

Important hints:

Do not exceed the recommended consumption amount. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplements should be stored out of the reach of children. Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women!

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded!!!



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