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Olimp Sport Nutrition ALA 200 - 120 capsules

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Olimp ALA 200

  • 200mg alpha lipoic acid per capsule
  • Strong antioxidant
  • For fitness & health                                   
Olimp's Ala 200 provides 200mg alpha-lipoic acid per capsule

Alpha lipoic acid is valued worldwide as a powerful antioxidant. The mode of action of alpha-lipoic acid is well known, which, among other things, acts directly in the energy supply in the power plants of the cells (mitochondria). Antioxidants are particularly interesting for athletes, since these free radicals, which are caused by training or stress, for example, are rendered harmless. The so-called oxidative stress triggered by the free oxygen radicals can damage muscle growth and reduce training goals.

Pack size: 120 capsules
Made in Europe
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63% alpha lipoic acid, filler: microcrystalline cellulose, anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate, capsule (gelatin, color: E 171).




Olimp Laboratories Sp. Z oo
Nagawczyna 109 c
39-200 Debica

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