Universal Animal Cuts 42 Packs - MRM-BODY
Universal Animal Cuts 42 Packs - MRM-BODY
Universal Animal Cuts 42 Packs - MRM-BODY
Universal Animal Cuts 42 Packs - MRM-BODY
Universal Animal Cuts 42 Packs - MRM-BODY
Universal Animal Cuts 42 Packs - MRM-BODY

Universal Animal Cuts 42 packs

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Universal Animal Cuts 


  • Award-Winning Thermogenic Fat Burner

    • Complete all-in-one fat burner formula
    • 42 bag
    • More than 35 active ingredients

Animal Cuts is the most complete fat burner formula you will find on the market. Animal Cuts not only contains 220 mg of caffeine per sachet, but also Guarana, Ginseng, Uva Ursi and Ashwagandha, as well as more than 30 other active ingredients that can support your diet.

For many athletes, all the muscle in the world means little if it's hidden beneath layers of fat. There comes a time when the result of your hard work needs to be shown to the world. With a strict diet and serious cardio training ahead of you, your body could use some help. That's when you should use Animal Cuts. More professional bodybuilders whose careers depend on razor-sharp definition have chosen Animal Cuts than any other product.

Animal Cuts formula is very comprehensive. Think of it as everything you need, conveniently dosed in a single pouch. You don't have to worry. Just take a 'package' daily for three weeks and you're done.

Made in USA

Nutritional values ​​+ recommended consumption


nutritional value
serving size 1 sachet (9 capsules ~5 g)
portions 42 bags (℮ ~238 g)
Nutritional value per serving
Energy 0
Caffeine Anhydrous       183mg
Kola nut powder            183mg
Guarana powder             183mg
Yerba Mate                    183mg
Siberian ginseng       18mg
Oolong tea                   300mg
Green tea (*)(*) Max 800mg per day        180mg
Schwartz tea                 75mg
Coffee bean extract      60mg
White tea                      15mg
L-Tyrosine                       245mg
Olive leaf extract          100mg
Salvia Officinalis               5mg
Gotu Kola                         225mg
Choline (Bitartrate)             225mg
Bocapa Monnieri powder     50mg
Ashwagandha                   223mg
Panax Ginseng powder         75mg
Phasphatidylserine               1,5mg
Manola bark                    0,5mg
Psyllium powder                  300mg
Apple pectin                         0,5mg
Cinnamon powder                       0,5mg
dandelion             350mg
Nettle powder    350mg
Green tea (*)         120mg
Uva Ursi powder         25mg
Burdock powder             25g
Juniper powder     25mg
Celery powder           25mg
Ginger powder         220mg
Cayenne powder       170mg
Grapefruit powder     59,5mg
Quercetin                 25mg
naringin                   25mg
Black pepper     0,5mg

INGREDIENTS: Ingredients: capsules gelatin (animal), thickener E460, anti-caking agents E570, E572, E341. Dyes E133, E129, E110, E102(**).

Label Animal Cuts 42 bags

Recommended dosage: On training days, take a pack approx. 45 minutes before training.

Product Notes: Green tea(*): Do not consume more than 800 mg in your daily diet. This product contains 300 mg per daily serving. Do not use on an empty stomach.


Caffeine: contains 220 mg of caffeine per serving.

Dietary Supplement. This product is not a substitute for a balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Do not use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are taking medication. Always consult your doctor first. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

(**)E102-E129-E110 may affect children's activity and attention


This product is manufactured in the USA and imported by Universal Nutrition • Plaza 12 • Moerdijk • Netherlands


42 packs