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Zec+ Protein Noodles 250g

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Zec+ Protein Noodles

Low Carb Noodles - low carbohydrate protein noodles

Anyone who loves pasta but eats low carb can use the ZEC+ Protein Pasta finally satisfy his cravings. Even if you only want to stop eating carbohydrates in the evening, our tagliatelle are the perfect alternative. Our low carb pastas are ideal for pasta lovers who want high protein but low carb want to feed or for those who are already on a diet but are looking for a tasty change on their plate. Pasta for dinner?! Why, surely! A quick pasta dish for lunch? No problem! Protein noodles that taste good? Here you are! The ZEC+ Low Carb Pasta is perfect for a quick meal because they are ready in 6-7 minutes! With a sauce of your choice, delicious pesto or fresh vegetables, they make a wholesome, healthy and above all high-protein meal!  


Tagliatelle with lots of protein and few carbohydrates

The ZEC+ Low Carb Noodles have 86% less carbohydrates than regular pasta. Valuable wheat, soy and rice proteins ensure that our protein noodles have an easily digestible extra portion of protein. With a proportion of saturated fatty acids of less than one percent and a dietary fiber content of more than 23 percent, the Tagliatelle generally recommended as part of a healthy diet. They are an ideal food for athletes who have an increased protein requirement and want to avoid carbohydrates during workouts and diets. Since the Low carb pasta can be combined with a wide variety of ingredients, they never get boring, but ensure a varied menu.  


Package size: 250g
Made in Europe
Nutritional values ​​+ ingredients
Nutritional and calorific information: per 100 g (uncooked)
Energy (kilocalories) 349 kcal
Energy (kilojoules) 1465 KJ
protein 47,6 g
carbohydrates 15,6 g
of which, sugars 7,8 g
fat 6,8 g
saturated with it 1,0 g
Fiber 17,1 g
Sodium 1,22 g


Ingredients list:

Protein mixture 43% (wheat protein, soy protein, rice protein), soy flour, oat fiber, whole wheat flour, water, rapeseed oil, sugar, dried rye sourdough, salt

Note: contains gluten and soy. May contain traces of milk, lupine, egg and other allergenic substances.

Additional Information
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