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Zoomad Caretaker EAA (450 gr)

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Zoomad Caretaker EAA 

Caretaker® MAP is our "guardian", but with the most effective and comprehensive patented formula of essential amino acids on the market. Multiple clinical studies have shown that MAP maximizes strength, endurance, and muscle building.

Clinical studies on MAP also compare the same protein synthesis of 15g MAP (1 scoop of Caretaker® MAP) to 450g animal protein (meat/fish), but with only 50Kcal.

It is ideal for post-workout consumption and far better than any isolated whey shake as it offers 99% net nitrogen retention compared to an average of 30% for the best whey. It also has far fewer calories than a shake and a three times faster absorption rate.

In addition, unlike meat, fish or smoothies, MAP contains no metabolic waste, sodium, sugar or fat.

Caretaker® MAP is best taken post-workout without mixing it with other protein sources that may inhibit its rapid absorption and cleansing.

At Zoomad®, we understand that 15g of MAP post-workout is a given...welcome to our zoo!

Package size: 450g powder 

Made in Europe


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