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Zoomad Moonstruck 2.0 ZERO (Stim Free) 540g

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Zoomad Moonstruck 2.0 ZERO (Stim Free) 

New and improved formulation of our legendary pre-workout Moonstruck® ZERO, the stimulant-free gorilla is back, because training like an animal and sleeping like a baby can be compatible too! More than ever, Moonstruck® ZERO II was developed by and for athletes looking for effective nutritional supplements without sacrificing their rest or "ZEN state". Moonstruck® ZERO II is a pre-workout with effective doses designed to help increase blood flow, improve strength and performance with every workout, without sacrificing your well-deserved post-workout rest.

Moonstruck® ZERO II contains plant extracts enriched with beet and grape nitrates, the Gorilla Pump complex with 13 g of nitric oxide with proven vasodilating effects and effective dosages of each ingredient.

There is no other pre-workout on the market with this dosage in a single scoop.

Moonstruck® ZERO II comes in new and refreshing flavors, with natural flavors and colorings.

Nox Extract Complex 2g
A basic complex of the new gorilla. According to the latest scientific studies, nitrate-enriched plant extracts are the new "alpha" ingredients in pre-workouts for their vasodilator and antioxidant effects.

veins and congestion. Enriched beetroot and grape extracts provide unprecedented arterial and muscular oxygenation during exercise... and the benefits are cumulative and improve over the days with Moonstruck® ZERO II supplementation.

Gorilla Pump Complex 13g
Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, AAKG and L-Arginine, 13g work in synergy with the same goal of making your muscles feel the most extreme pump you've ever experienced from a workout.

A level of carnosine and nitric oxide unmatched in a single scoop.

You'll quickly find that you can get 2-3 more reps out of each set. Moonstruck® ZERO II will help you get the reps you really need to reach your goals.

More explosive power, strength and endurance, more intensive and effective workouts.
The synergy of the 4 ingredients increases muscle energy stores/ATP and stimulates growth hormone secretion, which in turn promotes muscle building and recovery.

Includes Moonstruck® ZERO II not the Energy&Focus Matrix, consisting of
Caffeine, Ginkgo Biloba 10:1, Panax Ginseng 10:1 and Camellia Sinsensis 95% Polyphenols, a very effective synergy, but recommended for those who exercise late in the day, for those suffering from hypertension or simply for those who Caffeine and other stimulants not well tolerated, is not suitable.

Moonstruck® ZERO II offers tested and effective doses for vasodilation, endurance, hypertrophy and focus, you will see the effects of the gorilla from the first spoonful.

100% instant in water and with pleasant new flavors!

Package size: 540g powder 

Made in Europe


Nutritional values ​​+ recommended consumption


Dilute 30 scoop in a glass of cold water 1 minutes before training.



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